You know I love creativity. A quick glace at my Insta feed revealing my boys also share my love of arty activities. But what about that other thing I love – writing? Can that be counted as creative? What exactly is creative writing?

According to Lexico (powered by Oxford Dictionary):


Writing, typically fiction or poetry, which displays imagination or invention (often contrasted with academic or journalistic writing).

Simply put – creative writing is when you try new ideas, put ordinary characters into seemingly silly scenarios, write from a different point of view and so on. It is the sharing of new and familiar experiences through a story.

what is creative writing. free resources for short story writing.

What is creative writing?

It is telling a story.

But is it important? Yes, yes it is.

Creative writing, “also known as ‘the art of making things up,’ … is a vital part of modern society.” And it is really beneficial to children as well.

In younger children, creative writing takes the form of storytelling. The Learning Lodge lists a number of benefits to storytelling for children including: exposure to new vocab, boosting memory, developing imagination and creative thinking, enhancing cultural understanding, increasing enthusiasm for reading, improving listening skills and so on (2016).

For older children; creative writing not only develops writing skills, but it also enables children a way to be original and confident as they share their stories. It also develops communication skills as well as empathy as children share stories to entertain or to connect with a more universal experience such as a feeling left out at school or loss of a loved one.

Tips for encouraging your storyteller

*Retell familiar stories from memory. For example, after reading a nursery rhyme like Five Little Ducks, close the book and guide your child to say what happened first, next and last. As they get older, the stories they retell can get more detailed.

* Retell a familiar story in a new setting. For example, retell the story of Five Little Ducks using a city, library or beach backdrop.

Innovate on a familiar text. Storytelling tips for children #creativewritinggames #handsonactivities #homeschoolideas

Tips for encouraging your story writer

*Continue to read aloud to them. Even older children benefit from hearing great quality books read aloud to them. It exposes them to stories and vocab they wouldn’t otherwise come in contact with and its a great way to spark the imagination in children who are still learning to read. Think about doubling activities such as a car trip with an audio book, bath with a read aloud etc.

read aloud to children. credit to unsplash for photo

*Ask questions. Creative writing prompts are widely used in schools because they help spark ideas in children. Try asking questions that relate to them such as, “If you could go anywhere for a day, where would you go?” or “If your favourite food came alive what kind of personality would it have? And what would it get up to in a day”. If you want to learn more about writing prompts read here or if you are after printable writing prompts click here.

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