My fondest memory of Primary School was the creative writing games my Grade 5 teacher would do with us. From roll-a-story worksheets to finish the ending of the story writing sprints I loved every minute of them. I could tell others did too, even the kids who made it clear they found writing boring. Their laughs told me they were having fun trying to combine random things like ‘teacup’, ‘snowman’ and ‘Space’ into a believable short story. So, I’ve been working hard to create a list and some printable worksheets, that will help teachers create that sense of fun and excitement over creative writing in their own classrooms. I’m simply calling it The Ultimate List of Short Story Ideas | Creative Writing (which you can get here).


I know, “ultimate” is a big term to throw around. But, I’m not exaggerating, because I’ve really packed it full of ideas. I’ll tell you exactly what’s included below, however let’s take a look at how we define short story starters first shall we?

What are short story starters?

Last time, we talked about writing prompts and I walked you through some different types. If you haven’t read that article already, I recommended you do, then come back here. Okay, now you know all about writing prompts, let’s continue:

If the goal of a writing prompts is to get writers writing, then the goal of a short story idea (aka prompt) is to get writers writing creative and interesting stories. Crazier is better as the focus should be on encouraging students to write freely, explore new ideas and just have a ridiculous amount of fun while creating stories.

“…the focus should be on encouraging students to write freely, explore new ideas and just have a ridiculous amount of fun while creating stories.”


Whats included in the short story ideas resource?

ultimate-list-short-story-ideas-character-generator www.suzannahfernandes.com

The Ultimate List of Short Story Ideas, contains:

  • 100 x Character Ideas
  • 100 x Setting Ideas
  • 100 x Problem Ideas
  • 100 x Character Personality Ideas
  • 100 x Random Objects to Mention Ideas
500-short-story-ideas- elementary-primary

Yes, you read that right – 500 short story starters. The character personalities and the random object lists are extra fun, and better for more confident writers or those in upper grades through to high school.

Theses lists are presented in different ways as well:

  • Numbered lists – perfect for use with a random number generator or writing centers. For example, if you rolled a “54”, you would find the character, setting and problem that corresponds to that number and write a short story accordingly.
  • Un-numbered lists – perfect for cutting up into individual slips and using in a “pull out of the hat” style.
  • Roll-a-story worksheets – Perfect for 3rd-6th grade and for use with a dice. 12x worksheets (Character, Setting, Problem), 12x (Personality, Character, Setting) and 12 x (Personality, Character, Random Objects).

Where to find The Ultimate List of Short Story Ideas:

The Short Story Ideas Resource is part of the Cultivating Creative Writers Range which is available now in my TeachersPayTeachers store (Two Little Amigos).

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