“The place where creativity, literature and children intersect

– that’s the place I’m most excited about.”

Yup – that’s me with a bunch of books on my head.

I’m Suzannah Fernandes, children’s author and former classroom teacher. The three areas I geek out about the most are creativity, literature and children. The place where those three intersect – that’s the place I’m most excited about.

And my aim is to inspire you and your young writers to be excited about that place as well.

Cultivating Creativity in Kids

Not just a fun thing to say out loud. Go on, I know you did.

Here on the blog, I share articles on teaching creative writing to primary school students, a peek inside my own writing process and provide hands-on picture book play ideas to encourage that love of literature in your little ones. These posts come out once every three weeks.

I’m also the creator of Two Little Amigos Publications, which currently produces the Cultivating Creative Writers range, with the aim to make teaching creative writing easier and more enjoyable.

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Suzannah Fernandes lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband Joshua and their two sons. Her childhood consisted of dancing lessons after school and adventures in the bush on the weekends. While on school holidays, she tucked herself away writing story ideas in one of her many overflowing notebooks. She worked as a classroom teacher before becoming a mother and now devotes her spare time to writing for children. She founded Two Little Amigos Publications in 2019.

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