Trying something new (and a tad scary) today. I’m joining in FMF Writing Prompt (smile) and I have 5 minutes to write. Here goes:

I sat in my new computer chair trying to figure out how to adjust it so it would be just the right height. My boys were playing quietly and calmly behind me. It made me smile; the happy relieved kind when your very noisy, very energetic, very young boys are not climbing bookshelves.

I finally figured out the chair, and continued to sit there. I have to test it, I told myself. So, I opened the document I had been working on and began to type. And type, and type, and type. Creative ideas always come to me and the most inopportune moments. You probably know where this story is going. Despite my brain registering the noise increase in the room, it did not register the chaos level increasing behind me too.

At the sound of deep belly laughter, I turned. And saw this: Smiling and seeing kids the way God sees them.

Wait, I remember telling myself. Observe first. Then act. Something I’ve been working on around here lately. So I stopped, and watched. Trying to figure out what was really going on beneath this scene of “chaos”.

You know what I saw? Two kids, so creatively using their imaginations to turn the entire room and every scrap of item (I mean they had found the plants and had them on the floor too) into a city for their peg people. They even built a tree house (in a fake pot plant). And they were so engaged, so completely caught up in this world they had made.

kids and creative imaginations.

It made me smile; the joyful content kind when you see your kids for who they really are, despite the outward appearance. The way God sees all His children, including you. Creative and full of imagination.

Thanks for stopping by as I ramble on about moments in my life,

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