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Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.

John 1:3

It really is a wonderful thing when nature combines with art. Creating our own little masterpiece out of God’s own unique designs. The odd shaped crinkly leaves, the round spiky seed pods, the blended colours of a flower left behind on the ground. Nature and art. Art and nature. They really should go hand in hand, yet we don’t often see artworks or even art lessons in the classrooms that encourage students to get exploring outside and creating using natural materials.

In the words of Penny Whitehouse,

“Encourage your kids to look for
nature everywhere you go.
It’s the weed breaking through the pavement,
It’s the leaves forming small
clumps along the side of the road.
It’s the sky at any given time
of the day or night.
It’s the wind doing what it
Likes to your hair.
Look around, it won’t take long to find it.”

Penny Whitehouse

After a long walk collecting fallen nature items with my sons, I found myself sitting in the yard with them, mindlessly moving around seed pods and leaves. Out of habit my hands formed them into tiny little insects, all marching along our concrete deck. I thought about how collecting nature and making art would have been a really nice lesson for my students (back when I was teaching pre-kids). But then motherhood called and those little collaged insects were soon swept into the grass by the wind.

Months later an idea started to form from a memory of that afternoon – why not use insect clipart I had created years ago as a sort of nature art prompt for teachers?

So, my little side hobby at the time of sharing preschool play ideas online, shifted to focus on all things creative in the classroom. The space where the beauty of God’s creation, of kids imagination, mingled with the need for simple, peaceful, yet practical classroom ideas.

S. Fernandes, Gumnuts & Grace Studios

And thus, Gumnuts & Grace Studios was born.

Free sample nature art prompts. Insect printables. Learn from home made easy.
Nature Art Prompts – 3x free ladybug templates.

Nature Art Prompts

The first in a line up of many nature and art templates are my insect prompts.

This resource includes 3 different versions:

*Grayscale body of insect

*Blackline head and legs (no body) and

*Blackline head only

And there are 7 insects in total making 21 different printable options! Students will love collaging these templates with cut up pieces of nature, using them as a prompt to create their own marvellous insect body and so much more. A great way to combine science and art using natural materials.

Insects included:








But, you can download just the ladybug templates for free!

Let me know if you use them and share pictures over on Instagram or Facebook. I’d also love to know what other versions of nature art prompts you’d like to see 🙂

all things creative in the classroom (c) copyright Gumnuts & Grace Studios

Hope you all have a peaceful week,


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