The largest bird of the kingfisher family, an Australian native, is world-renowned for its laughter. In honour of the latest Nature Art Prompt resource release, I thought I’d share the top five Kookaburra craft ideas, for kids and adults alike. Interested in a free ladybug template instead? Click here.

“A cheerful disposition is good for your health; gloom and doom leave you bone-tired.”

Proverbs 17:22 MSG

Top Five Kookaburra Craft Ideas:

1. Paper Collage

Pete Cromer, is a artist, designer and illustrator based in Victoria. He is well known for his unique paper collaging and layering technique and often features Australian animals as his subjects.

Craft Idea:

Show students examples of his work such as this below (click on the image to go to his website). Encourage students to cut out and layer paper shapes to make their own kookaburra art. If you are after a free kookaburra template, I have one available here.

PETE CROMER. Kookaburra craft ideas. Paper collage art ideas. Australian animal crafts.
Kookaburra” Artwork by Pete Cromer.

2. Nature Art Kookaburra

This kookaburra craft idea is using my very own free kookaburra templates, available here. Used as a prompt, I filled in the body using natural materials I collected on a walk. As is, this is transient art, meaning it is not glued down and the materials can be recycled for other purposes.

Kookaburra craft ideas by Suzannah Fernandes for Gumnuts and Grace Studios. Nature art prompts for kids. Homeschool art ideas.
“Kookaburra” by Suzannah Fernandes.
Free Template Here

Craft Idea:

This free resource comes with 2 options. Choose which is best for your students and go on a nature walk with them or ask that they bring in a bag of nature to share with the class. As it is transient art be sure to snap a photo first before packing up!

Free kookaburra templates. Home learning art, art education, australian animal craft ideas. Copyright Gumnuts and Grace Studios 2021.
Free Kookaburra craft templates for nature art.

3. Pine Cone Kookaburra

Inspired by Mrs Kookaburra from the book, Tales from the Billabong, Craft Bel shares this nature inspired kookaburra craft idea over on the May Gibbs website.

Craft Idea:

Go on a nature walk with students and collect interesting leaves, pine cones, seed pods etc. Or come prepared with a bunch of pine cones for this project (try asking parents to collect any they find in the weeks leading up to the project). Then create this pine cone kookaburra together.

homeschool art, nature art ideas, kookaburra crafts for kids. MAY GIBBS
“Mrs Kookaburra” by Crafty Bel for May Gibbs

4. Step by step Drawing Tutorial

Art for Kids Hub, have a youtube channel full of step by step drawing tutorials. They even have a Kookaburra drawing tutorial (click image below).

Craft Idea:

Play the video and artforkids teach your students how to draw a kookaburra. This one is best suited for 8 years and older.

drawing tutorials for kids, free kookaburra template, australian animal crafts

5. Felt Kookaburra Finger Puppet

Maggie shares a kookaburra finger puppet template on her website,

Craft Idea:

Print off the template and use felt to sew or glue together depending on students age and ability. This could also be used as a teaching tool with songs such as the kookaburra sits on the old gumtree.

free kookaburra templates, kookaburra craft ideas, home learning activities
Kookaburra Finger Puppet by Maggie from RedTedArt.

Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

Be sure to download your free kookaburra templates before you go.

Kookaburra craft templates. Gumnuts and Grace Studios 2021. Printable art worksheets, art using natural materials for kids.

Till next time,


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