Free Printable: Hands-On Creative Writing Activities

Looking for hands-on creative writing activities to do with children aged 3-12? Then you’re in the right place. If you just want the free printable and don’t want to read about the benefits of hands on activities or whats included then click here to become an email friend.

Why hands on?

In a nutshell, when children (or anyone really), have the opportunity to explore physical materials they improve the likelihood of learning and retaining that skill. This post has more details in language parents without an education degree would understand. And this post explains creative writing and it’s benefits to children.

Whats in the freebie?

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Inside are hands-on activity ideas for:

*3-5 years (x2). The focus is on ORAL STORIES.

*6-8 years (x2). The focus is on WRITING SENTENCES.

*9-12 years (x2). The focus is on WRITTEN SHORT STORIES.

Free hands on creative writing activities for ages 3 to 12.

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