Writing a story and need an idea for your character?

Coming up with an interesting character can be intimidating for any writer. So to help your young writers out (or even you!), I’m giving you the list of 100 character ideas for short stories, which is part of The Ultimate List of Short Story Ideas resource pack- for FREE!

100 character ideas for stories. suzannahfernandes.com character ideas generator

How do I use the list?

If you purchase the whole resource, then you can use a random number generator and get a random combination of character, setting, problem, character personality and random object to mention in your story. Or you can peruse the list and use it to spark your own idea.

100 Character Ideas for Stories:

To get a printable version (which comes in Australian and USA spelling), click here. You can get the printable (and other free creative writing resources) as part of the FREE Resource Library when you become an email friend.)

  1. Robot
  2. Astronaut
  3. Secret Spy
  4. Monster
  5. Alien
  6. Actor
  7. Actress
  8. Tourist
  9. Snowman
  10. Classmate
  11. Baker
  12. Florist
  13. Librarian
  14. You
  15. Boy
  16. Girl
  17. Millionaire
  18. Principal
  19. Mum
  20. Dad
  21. Step-Mum
  22. Step- Dad
  23. Teacher
  24. Professor
  25. Farmer
  26. Grandma
  27. Grandpa
  28. Aunty
  29. Uncle
  30. Cousin
  31. Toddler
  32. Baby
  33. Best friend
  34. Brother
  35. Sister
  36. Twin
  37. School kid
  38. Teenager
  39. Child
  40. Detective
  41. Supervillian
  42. Scientist
  43. Horse
  44. Superhero
  45. Giant
  46. Dwarf
  47. Magician
  48. Inventor
  49. Monkey
  50. Pirate
  51. Toy Maker
  52. Pig
  53. Tiger
  54. Peacock
  55. Musician
  56. Butterfly
  57. Lizard
  58. Dog
  59. Cat
  60. Kangaroo
  61. Singing mice
  62. Hermit Crab
  63. Big bad wolf
  64. 5 Little ducks
  65. Mother duck
  66. Police Officer
  67. Bear
  68. Fire Fighter
  69. Paramedic
  70. Doctor
  71. Nuse
  72. Surfer
  73. Lifeguard
  74. Goldfish
  75. Parrot
  76. Princess
  77. Prince
  78. Artist
  79. Cowboy
  80. Cleaner
  81. Clown
  82. Thief
  83. Flower
  84. Ninja
  85. King
  86. Queen
  87. Soldier
  88. Knight
  89. Dragon
  90. Chef
  91. Sheep dog
  92. Dancer
  93. Soccer Player
  94. Vet
  95. Goldilocks
  96. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  97. Class Pet
  98. Cockatoo
  99. Rat
  100. Gardener
100 Character ideas for stories free printable list. www.suzannahfernandes.com

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Character ideas for stories. www.suzannahfernandes.com

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