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Picture Books Focused on The Greatest Christmas Miracle.

There are a lot of gorgeous Christmas picture books out there. Detailing story after story of the magic of Christmas. But, do your children know the true magic of Christmas? Do they know, like really know and understand the greatest Christmas miracle?

Simply put, the true magic of Christmas, the greatest miracle – is Jesus. Jesus is light. He said so in John 8:12, “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.(NIV)” And even as a baby, He was light.

Jesus is our light, our Saviour, our hope even today, just as He was that first Christmas.

Now, onto the books!

In no particular order, here are my top picks for (what I believe to be) the best picture books for Christmas centered on the birth of Jesus (please note that not all are pictured):

The best picture books for Christmas 2019
  • The Story of Christmas, Illustrated by Helen Dardik, published by Running Press Kids (2017)
  • The Gospel for Little Children, by Maite Roche, published by St Pauls Publications (2007). Not pictured above.
  • The Beginners Bible- The Very First Christmas, Illustrated by Kelly Pulley, Published by Zonderkids (2009)
  • Song Of The Stars, by Sally Lloyd-Jones, Illustrated by Alison Jay, Published by Zonderkids (2015). Not pictured above.
  • The Jesus Storybook Bible, by Sally Lloyd-Jones & Illustrated by Jago, published by Zonderkids (20007)
  • The Camel who found Christmas, by Alexa Tewkesbury, illustrations by Steve Boulter, published by CWR (2010)

And special mention to My Merry Christmas, by Rosie Smith, Illustrated by Bruce Whatley, Published Scholastic (2013) . This book is not about Jesus, but it’s not about Santa or Christmas “magic” either. It simply talks about different things people do at Christmas such as decorate a tree, wrap presents and eat food.

My Merry Christmas - best picture books for christmas review

Kid Friendly Version:

Different families will have different traditions at Christmas. A tradition is something that we do as a family to make it special and helps us remember Christmas each year. Some families sing Christmas carols on Christmas Eve, some may go to the beach, other families decorate the whole house in lights. Even though you may see Santa and elves in the shops at Christmas and even though it is fun to get presents, the real reason we have Christmas is to remember that Jesus was born. He is our great light and it was such a special time when He was born.

Activity Ideas:

  • After reading a picture book (such as The Story of Christmas or My Merry Christmas listed above), discuss family traditions with your children. Do you have any? Are they based on a cultural heritage, a religious influence, or inspired from a picture book? Talk about where your family traditions came from and why you do them. You could even make a list of the traditions, and come up with a new one to add to it as a family.
  • Read a passage of the Bible each day leading up to Christmas. Eg Angel visits Mary, Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem, Baby is Born, Angels tell Shepherds, Wise Men follow star and so on. Children could act out each part, illustrate or make a simple craft. If you are after a guided version, Sally Lloyd-Jones (author of two books listed above) has a wonderful free advent available.
  • Learn a memory verse that pertains to Christmas such as John 3:16 or Matthew 1:23 or one that describes Jesus as the light such as John 8:12

Hopefully, you found this list of the best picture books for Christmas useful. I pray you all have a peaceful and joyful Christmas season.

See you in the New Year!


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